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Prairie Forum is a multidisciplinary journal serving as an outlet for research relating to the Canadian Plains region.

Papers published in the journal are drawn from a wide variety of disciplines but are united through the common theme of human behaviour and nature on the Prairies. The journal’s focus is thus essentially a regional one. The Prairies have traditionally been regarded as a significant unit in the fabric of Canada, but research on this region has frequently been fragmented through being conducted on a provincial basis. Prairie Forum attempts to reduce this fragmentation by bridging both geographic and disciplinary boundaries.  We welcome articles from researchers at all academic institutions, but particularly encourage individuals from institutions on the Canadian prairies to submit their research for publication with us.

All subscriptions, correspondence and contributions should be sent to: The Editor, Prairie Forum, Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 0A2.  If you are submitting an article please mail three copies to the address above.


Fall 2012

Métis Families after 1885: A Literature Review of Existing Narratives
by Jonathan Anuik and James Ostime

Crude Economics: Manufacturig Job Loss and Underdevelopment on the Canadian Prairies
by Dave Broad

Specialization or Selectivity in the Bison Hunt? Environment, Food and Trade in the Northern Great Plains
by George Colpitts

Who Killed the Prairie Beaver?  An Environmental Case for Eighteenth Century Migration in Western Canada
by James Daschuk

“‘Qui perd sa foi, perd sa langue’?: The birth and decline of a French Protestant Community in Alberta, 1916-1940”
by Anne Gagnon

Headlocks on the Homefront: Wrestling in Manitoba during the First World War
by Charles Nathan Hatton

Jackfish, Rabbits, and Slough Water: Pioneer Diet on the Canadian Western Prairies, 1870-1914
by Sandra Rollings-Magnusson

The foundations of agrarian socialism: Co-operative economic action in Saskatchewan, 1905 - 1960.
by Mitch Diamantopoulos

Wellness and Achievement: A Survey of Regina High School Students
by Henry P.H. Chow

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Dr. Howard Leeson is Prairie Forum’s current editor-in-chief. Professor Emeritus in Political Science at the University of Regina, Howard is currently a Research Fellow with CPRC and previously served as a Senior Research Fellow with the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy. His research interests and publications centre on Canadian Federalism and the Constitution, Western Canadian and Saskatchewan Politics, Canadian Foreign Policy, and International Relations.

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